Obama could be America's next 9-11

RE: Smith to Kennedy: 'Agents of Change End Up Being Targets, As You Well Know'

My Feeling Exactly Exactly

by Richard Boyden

Barack Obama's endorsement by the "Kennedy's" is more then just political. It is also spiritual because the Kennedy's represent a "anti-establishment" agenda that reached under the covers of CIA and Governmental corruption, the very corruption that Obama is lip syncing in his campaign speeches and for which ALL the Kennedy's were murdered...except one. And if Obama is not one of the "good ole boys", then by that definition he is a target for elimination. Not a matter of IF, just a matter of when and how expedient the timing would be for his elimination..

If one wants to activate marshal law, provide fuel to ignite racial violence and hate so as to create anarchy, then the best way to do that is to find, isolate, and "handle" a White "nigger hating" patsy to pull the trigger (CIA inspired) and then you have the perfect formula to allow for the putting in place everything that a Bush or a Clinton and the evil empire pulling their strings behind them would like to activate to further control this nation. No...lets say destroy this nation. 

One could take this one step further and say, a Kennedy endorsement could in fact be a incognito "death sentence". And if anyone knows about a family being exterminated, it is Ted Kennedy. And if anyone has shown cowardice to the max in exposing the truth about who murdered ones own family and why, it is Ted Kennedy. Who knows, given that perception, maybe Kennedy has been "sent" to initiate this historical reenactment using Obama and for all the same reasons.

As for Bill Clinton, a man who's spiritual DNA predisposes him to be one of the top ten reprobate minded liars inspired from the throne of hell itself who ever served as President, one could even speculate that he is intentionally sabotaging his wife's run for President so that the political/social groundwork for Obama's elimination could be put in place timing wise. Just remember, this man has a long list of dead bodies (close to 100) connected to his political career and his selling out of this country has been documented such that he qualifies for the "Benedict Arnold" award (see www.softwar.net

Something is going on that does not feel right. It is to easy and smooth. And Obama is acting as if he is playing the lead role in the latest "I have a dream" re-run and we know the last scene in that movie ended in Memphis. IF there was dirt to be spewed out about him, it would have come out by now. Even the "BLACK Blacks" have come around to endorse him realizing that he really does represent them while not carrying with him the reputation and ignorance of the "Poverty Pimp Duet" of Jackson and Sharpton...the blackest of the Black.

So time will tell. Personally, I believe the potential for his elimination is greater then one would think. Obama came out of nowhere and he is upsetting the apple cart. The best case scenario to this is that there is some hidden dirt on Obama that will never be exposed but will be used to control him and when elected, he will do as told. The worst case scenario is being cursed unto death with a Kennedy endorsement.

Obama could be America's next "9-11".