Parallels Between Nazism and New World Order


To understand why the current drive to the New World Order is identical to Hitler's, you must understand how very similar Hitler's Occult spiritual beliefs are to today's New Age spiritual beliefs. Prepare to be shocked! We are headed for the exact same New World Order as Hitler wanted.


. "Racial Slur Leads To Charge", Chicago Tribune, Saturday, 1/27/96, Dateline: Joliet, "A Joliet man who allegedly placed a sign containing racial slurs next to his neighbor's house to keep a black couple from moving there, was charged with a hate crime Friday ... Gibson is accused of

placing a sign with a Nazi insignia on the house next to his."

A resurgence in Nazism is occurring in America today that is shocking to the point of disbelief. Yet, we should not be surprised, for two basic reasons. First, as we have demonstrated in Radio Program, CE1001, America has replaced her traditional Christian Values National Foundation, and has substituted a Satanic Values Foundation. (If you haven't read this program, you should do so now). Since most Americans today unknowingly subscribe to these values, we should not be surprised that active Neo-Nazism is springing up. Second, we should not be surprised because millions of Americans have subscribed to the New Age belief system, and are actively practicing this religion. We have studied the New Age beliefs, and have discovered that they believe so many of the doctrines of Nazism as to defy belief. But, once you understand this fact, you can see why it would be easy today for the Neo-Nazi New World Order government to be enthusiastically installed in this country.

Consider the common areas of beliefs between Nazism and the New Age Movement, a movement which is striving mightily to install the New World Order.


NZ = Nazism NA= New Age Movement, the spiritual force of the New World Order

NZ: An offshoot of occultic practices and teachings.1

NA: Based on occultic practices and teachings1a

NZ: Taught doctrine of Aryanism and Aryan purity, and that the `New Age' would feature an Aryan mutant `master race'.2

NA: Stresses doctrine of Aryanism and Aryan purity.2a

NZ: Hitler was an initiate of occultic practices: yoga, Tibetanism, hypotism.3

NA: The New Age Christ was a seventh degree. Entrance requires initiation.3a

NZ: Believed in the Law of Karma and reincarnation.4

NA: Believes in Law of Karma and reincarnation.4a

NZ: Believed they had evolved into a new/superior species by means of `spiritual disciplines', `consciousness evolution', and a new form of consciousness.5

NA: Have evolved into a superior species--noeticus'--by means of spiritual disciplines and `consciousness evolution'.5a

NZ: Sought to institute a New World Order in which the Aryan race would control.6

NA: Seeks to institute a New World Order, emphasizing spiritual Aryanism.6a

NZ: Nazism was hostile to orthodox and fundamentalist Christianity, seeking to replace the cross with the swastika.7

NA: New Agers are hostile to fundamental Christianity and seek to replace the cross with swastika and rainbow.7a

NZ: Nazis instituted a program of quietly killing children with birth defects and mental patients.8

NA: New Agers have advocated and supported legislation/the medical practices of euthanasia--death by starvation or termination of life-support systems.8a The current debate over Kevorkian's Euthanasia intended to force public acceptance

NZ: Used euphemistic terms to disguise the horror of their plans. `Cleansing action' meant killing Jews and other `unfits'. Nazis used terms other than human to refer to the people whom they planned to kill.9

NA: Is using euphemistic terms to call for a "Cleansing Action" for those who are unfit to enter the New Age. They use non-human words to refer to those whom they want to kill. vegetables; organisms; lower consciousness;it; retardate; defective; etc.9a

NZ: Believed in magical powers of crystals and quartz.10

NA: Believe in magical powers of crystal and quartz.10a

NZ: Believed the imagination could create reality more real than the world of sense.11

NA: Believe the mind creates reality.11a

NZ: Only reality open to human beings was the actual physical experience of Willpower. No word was more on Hitler's lips than Will.12 Neitzsche wrote a treatise titled Will-To-Power.13

NA: The main force which will produce the Utopia of the New Age is Will-To-Good.12a

NZ: Believed man to be a bridge between this existence and a higher plane.14

NA: The bridge between this existence and a higher plane is the rainbow.14a

NZ: Believed in evolution, that man was responsible for his own evolution.15

NA: Believe in evolution; however, they believe that they can effect their own evolution. Through science and genetics, they plan to create a new, higher evolved being.15a

NA: Believed that the quest for the Holy Grail provided a uniquely Western path to transcendent states of consciousness.16 Hitler had found the key to unveiling many of the

deepest secrets of the Grail.17

NA: Believe that the ultimate enlightenment resides in the Holy Grail. They believe the highest, hidden secrets of the Cosmos reside in the Holy Grail. The symbol of the hidden esoteric knowledge, long lost, and believed to be in the Holy Grail, is the separated capstone on the back of the dollar bill.16a

NZ: Stressed proper blood line (Aryan) and the maintenance of that Aryan blood line.18 Emphasis clearly on "race".

NA: Stress proper Aryan consciousness and the maintenance of that consciousness. Also speak of "rootrace quality."18a

NZ: Wagner converted Jewish Jesus into an Aryan Jesus. Believed "the Blood of Christ was shed exclusively for the Aryan peoples." 19

NA: New Age has converted Jesus into an Enlightened Master who had gone through the full cycle of enlightenment and had become "completely illuminated".19a

NZ: Claimed Christian Good was evil and the Christian Evil was good.20

NA: Labels have been switched to where good is now evil and vice-versa.20a

NZ: Path to higher consciousness is a gradual, step-by-step process--from dullness to spiritual awakening.21

NA: Illuminati teaches the step-by-step Eight-fold Path of Enlightenment (Witchcraft).21a

NZ: The symbol of the highest degree of the gradual process was the Eagle, 22 hence the German Eagle.

NA: The Phoenix Eagle of the Illuminati was the ancient "Bird of Reincarnation". After 400-500 years, the Phoenix Eagle would be consumed by fire into ashes, but the egg it left behind would give birth to a new Phoenix which would arise out of the ashes of the old eagle. (Thus, the threefold cycle of Life/Death/Rebirth would be completed).22a

NZ: Believed in the Pineal Eye or Third Eye. Used drugs to achieve transcendent consciousness.23

NA: All psychic powers are believed to reside in the Third Eye, or the Pineal Gland.23a

NZ: Believed in the Akashic Record.24

NA: Believe that the Akashic Record is a "celestial medium on which every thought and action of the material world is available to psychic observation".24a

NZ: Nazis were initiated into the Secret Doctrine of H.P. Blavatsky.25 Used its tenets to prepare for the Nazi Holocaust.

NA: Initiates are taught principles of Secret Doctrine of H.P.Blavatsky.25a

NZ: In 1919, Dietrich Eckart met Hitler and began preparing him as the Vessel of Anti-Christ.26 History tell us that Hitler gained political power in 1933.

NA: In 1919, A.A. Bailey wrote, "should work progress as desired, the cycle of 14 in years may mark the time of the near appearing of the Great Lord.."26a

1919 + 14 = 1933!!

Bailey is one of the most important prophets of the New Age Movement. Her books are followed like a blueprint for achieving the New World Order.

NZ: Believed in White/Good Magic versus Black/Evil Magic. Further believed that each person voluntarily chose which path they would follow.27

NA: Believes in White/Good Powers versus Black/Evil Powers.27a

NZ: Did not believe that Jesus Christ was the only way to salvation. They did not believe in Jesus Christ, even to the point where Jesus experienced the "Christ Consciousness". Nazis did not believe in the necessity of salvation.

NA: The New Age Christ is being aided by Master Morya, Master K.H., and Master Jesus.28 In fact, A.A. Bailey states succinctly and repeatedly that Christians are very wrong in their belief that Jesus is the only way to spiritual enlightenment or to salvation.

NZ: Believed Germanic Messiah would, in conjunction with Prophet Mahomet...fuse politics and religion into a crusade against...Christian world."29

NA: Believe the New Age Christ will fuse politics/religion into crusade against "those who cannot attune to the new [age]",29a, i.e., narrow-minded Christians.

NZ: Believed in "Protocols of Zion."30 Used this false anti-Semitic document to spur hatred toward the Jews. This writing helped Hitler mightily in his goal of the "Final Solution".

NA: Believe "Protocols of Zion" contain Esoteric Knowledge.30a They teach them to more advanced students.

NZ: Stated that "the masses had been tricked into believing that patriotism was the highest ideal." The highest ideal was one which went beyond national boundaries.31 Once this ideal had been achieved, all wars would stop and a millennia of peace would begin (Thousand Year Reich).

NA: Envisions the elimination of all national boundaries and the creation of a global government. Nations are to be eliminated, and with them, all patriotism.31a

NZ: Believed that "Supermen would reappear on the earth to awaken the German people ...and lead them in the conquest of the world."32

NA: "Walk-ins" have now appeared to facilitate the move into the New Age. These are superior reincarnated souls who take over a body of one who wishes to depart. This will rapidly move the world along in its movement to the New Age.32a These "Supermen" will greatly add to the positive vibrations which are being given off in the world in support of the move to the New Age.

NZ: Lights, colors, circles, triangles, perfumes were merely aids to concentrating the will into a blazing stream of pure energy.33

NA: Lights and colors are forces which can heal sickness and can be of great beneficial effect upon humankind.33a Smell is believed to bring back memories of past-lifetimes. Smell can also aid in heightening awareness or states of consciousness.33b

NZ: Derived the "demonic inspiration for their own special brand of occultism" from the order of the Golden Dawn.34 The Golden Dawn was also tremendously influenced by H.P.B.'s "Secret Doctrine". This included the belief in "the mighty Custodians of the Eternal Mysteries, the Great White Lodge of Supreme Adepts."35 These adepts were the Supermen which we mentioned above.

NA: A.A. Bailey states that "the organised efforts of the Great White Lodge are directed toward lifting the organised forces of materialism to a higher and spiritual plane."35a She goes on to explain that the Great White Lodge will show humanity that their current emphasis upon materialism is wrong and must be changed to a spiritual emphasis.

A.A.B. also stated that the Great White Lodge was very instrumental in the Allies' success in developing the atomic bomb before the Axis Powers could develop it.35b This discovery was the "greatest spiritual event" since humanity began35c and will be a "liberating" and "saving" force for humanity.36d

This release of atomic energy, as determined by the Great White Lodge, must be entrusted to the "United Nations to prevent this released energy from misuse..."35e Properly used, this atomic energy will "render possible a state of life which will leave man free to pursue the higher aims of the Spirit".35f A.A. Bailey penned these words on August 9, 1945. However, in April-May, 1946, Bailey gave further illumination as to how the United Nations was to use atomic secrets to further aid humanity in its quest for a higher level of spiritual love and peace. "The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it and who own the secrets at present..rather, it belongs to the United Nations for use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened us) when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head..."35g Thus, the Great White Lodge plans to use the atomic bomb against any nation or organization which disagrees significantly with it. This is annihilating war, because the U.N., at this point, would be the only organization which would possess atomic weapons. Disarmament thus becomes the critical process by which the sovereign nations which possess nuclear weapons transfer them to the UN. Disarmament is a trap!

NZ: Obsessed with the "Jewish problem" which required a "final solution", which we know culminated with the Holocaust. After all, the Jews were responsible for the state of the world affairs, primarily through their control and machinations of the international money supply.36 However, throughout the killing, great effort was made to carry out/preserve the "humanity in humanitarian methods..."37 To ensure that the killing was kept "humane", Nazi doctors directed the Holocaust from beginning to end.38

NA: A.A. Bailey also concerned with the "Jewish problem", which is "responsible for the state of the world affairs at this time" (written in 1939).36a A.A.B. goes on to state that "when humanity will have solved correctly the Jewish problem...then a great transmutation will have taken place." She specified that this solution would have to be one which was "humanitarian". A.A.B. specifically shows the Jews' influence upon the world is their control of the "Magic Money", which is a "Temporary" influence producing "separation".36b

NZ: Stressed outdoor life, natural foods, and an overall reorientation in living...claimed to live harmoniously with nature and biology.39

NA: Stresses outdoor living and natural foods. Also seeks a reorientation in living, and claim to live harmoniously with nature.39a

NZ: In the years before the Nazi State began its systematic murdering campaign, people were conditioned to accept the concept of murder with the simple technique of redefinition. Death was redefined as "mental death in various forms of psychiatric disturbance, brain damage, and retardation... these people were described as empty already dead." Further, the physical destruction of these type of people was construed as a healing process, as it would heal the German nation.40

NA: Dr. Jack Kevorkian is but the most obvious example of this similar thought process in the New Age. They plan to rid the world of each of these types of people, plus massive abortion and euthanasia. Genetic engineering has also provided further scientific ability to rid the world of "undesirable" people. Redefinition of terms has been under way for many years.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use this knowledge many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news, then we need your support to stay on the Internet.

The sword is coming, and coming both quickly and with enormous power. But, most people, including most Christians, do not see it coming. Will you be a "Watchman On The Wall" with us? (Ezekiel 3:17-19, God's most solemn warning)

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us by mail or email.

God bless you, and may He maintain a "Hedge of Protection" around you and your family.

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