Subtitle: While Catholics believe they are venerating the Virgin Mary and Divine Child Jesus in the Biblical tradition, the evidence is overwhelming that they are really continuing the Egyptian and Babylonian pagan tradition of worshipping the Sun Goddess and her Divine Son. Once more, Roman Catholicism is shown to be counterfeit Christianity on the surface but Sun God paganism throughout underneath!

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!


In NEWS1865, we reported that Roman Catholicism is nothing more, nor less, than a resurrection of the ancient Egyptian Satanic Sun God worship. So many symbols point to this reality -- especially the Sun God Dagon Mitre, the veneration of the round wafer and other round symbols used within Catholic worship -- all given the same meanings the ancient Satanists assigned them. If you have not yet read this article, we suggest you stop and do so now, so you will better understand the information presented here. At the end of this article, we shall draw together the Pope, the Virgin Mary and Jesus just as the pagans draw together Osiris, Isis, and Horus!

This picture depicts the Satanic "Celestial Virgin with the Sun God in her arms." ["Secret Teachings of All the Ages", by 33 Freemason, Manly P. Hall, p.XLIX]. Just a simple, cursory glance will demonstrate that this pagan "Celestial Virgin" with the "Sun God" in her arms bears a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary holding Jesus of the Roman Catholic religion. In fact, they are one and the same.

Listen to Manly P. Hall explain this pagan Madonna and Divine Child.

"In the view of the theologian, the Madonna who gives birth to the Man Child signifies the priority of the mother aspect of Divinity ... The oval nimbus in which the figure stands, represents the glorification of the Creative Power as exemplified in motherhood. The Christ Child always symbolizes Wisdom, the Virgin Mother, Faith. The figure, therefore, declares that Wisdom, born of Faith, shall redeem the world now encircled by the serpent of evil." [Ibid.]

You can see the Sun God aspect of this picture by just looking at the golden yellow of the oval nimbus, with the characteristic "outraying" of the Sun's Rays emanating from all directions. Later in this article, we shall discuss the Satanic doctrine that the Divine Child is the child of the Sun God.

The occult nature of this image may also be deduced by the appearance of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac surrounding the oval nimbus. Furthermore, the halo is occult as is the Iron Cross image contained within. In an occult book, "Magic Symbols", by Frederick Goodman, we read this about the halo:

"Without doubt, the circle is the most important units in magic symbolism and in almost every case where it is used, the circle is intended to denote spirit, or spiritual forces ... This circle, when related to the head in such a way, has a very ancient history, and it has survived in Christian art forms as the halo -- a circle of gold intended to denote that the person below is holy, that he or she is in direct communication with the spiritual world ... The 'halo', which is ultimately derived from the magical symbolism of the Egyptians ... is almost like a sun, and, symbolically speaking, may be considered to be the equivalent of a small and radiant sun, streaming forth spiritual light." [P. 17, 29]

This passage tells us that the halo is a Satanic invention and that it is tied in directly to Sun Worship.

But, then, Goodman tells us some very interesting facts concerning the halo:

In describing an Egyptian painting of a falcon-headed Horus with a circle on top of his head, Goodman, instructs, "Detail of the falcon-headed Horus with the serpent - inscribed solar disc -- the probable origin of the notion of the halo." [Ibid., p. 30]

We have just learned that the origin of the halo came from the worship of the serpent, the most important symbol of Lucifer in the entire occult world! But, now the quote below tells us that the Buddhists also use the pagan halo.

Goodman shows a picture of the Buddha, with a prominent halo behind his head, and tells us, "Halo of the Buddha. Detail from the Buddhist Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park, London." [Ibid.]

Now, examine the "Iron Cross" symbolism within the halo behind the Divine Child's head. The bottom point of the cross is hidden behind the head, but there is no mistaking the fact that this symbol is a cross. However, this is not a Christian cross, but a pagan one that pre-dated the crucifixion of our Lord many many, many centuries. Pagans worship the creature rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25), so they worship the "doctrine of four", which is symbolized by this Iron Cross. To occultists, the earth is comprised of many instances of the number "four":

1. Planet Directions: North, South, East, West

2. Planet Time Cycles of the Year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

3. Four elements as long taught by the pagans: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

4. Four types of human personality: Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholic

Thus, this distinctive "Iron Cross" is a major symbol of the occult, "Doctrine of Four".

Notice now the 12 stars above the head of the "Celestial Virgin", keeping in mind that this is an ancient symbol, predating the "Virgin Mary" symbolism in Revelation 12 by many, many centuries. The Roman Catholic Church claims that the woman described in Revelation 12 is the Virgin Mary, even though the language in the text forbids this explanation; however, now that you have seen this ancient pagan picture of the Celestial Virgin, with the twelve stars above her head, you will know from whence the Catholic Church got their claim that the Biblical woman is the Virgin Mary. Let us quickly look at the text in Revelation 12:

"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered." [Rev 12:1-2]

While there can be no doubt that this "woman" is the nation, Israel, about to give birth to Jesus, the Roman Catholic Church claims this verse for the Virgin Mary. But, now you know why they make this claim and from whence the claim comes. When Roman Catholicism claims this verse refers to the Virgin Mary, they are simply revealing their true pagan roots.


Since modern pagans have absolutely no trouble seeing the same paganism in the Catholic Church that they are practicing, let us allow a modern pagan to shed additional light on the tradition upon which the Catholic Virgin Mary is based. Listen:

"At first, the idea of equating Isis, an ancient Egyptian deity, with Mary, the the holy Virgin of Christianity and the mother of Jesus, may seem strange and to many Christians even blasphemous. However, many Pagans and Witches, particularly those who were raised as Catholics, now regard Mary as one of the numerous forms of the Goddess ... Isis is often known as Isis Myrionymos which roughly translates as 'Isis of the Thousand (or Myriad) names'. Her attributes encompass those of all other Goddesses and it is now common for encyclopedias such as the Encyclopedia Brittannica and the on-line Encyclopedia Mythica to describe Isis as being 'identified with the Virgin Mary' ... From the Pagan point of view, Mary is one of the numerous names of the Goddess, as is Isis, and they are both manifestations of Her many forms. Both are in essence the same Goddess and embody the aspect of the divine Mother. In a way, to the Christians who destroyed Her temples and killed her devotees, Isis lives on as Mary." ["The Virgin Mary - Isis of the Third Millennium?", Aurilus Creative Paganism]

Once again, a person skilled in Paganism has absolutely no trouble identifying the Virgin Mary with so many other goddesses of the Ancient Pagan world! Like my Daddy used to say, "It takes one to know one"! Since the Virgin Mary is a regurgitation of the ancient of the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, let us take some time to learn more about Isis. You will once again find a direct tie-in to Sun Worship!

* "One of Isis' many epithets is Theotokos or Mother of God (Horus)' which is one of the most popular of titles attributed to Mary." [Ibid.; Emphasis added]

In case you do not believe the Virgin Mary is called the "Mother of God", listen now to the Catholic Catechism.

"The Virgin Mary is acknowledged and honored as being truly the Mother of God ... Mart, Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church." ["Catechism of the Catholic Church", Liguori Publications, Imprimi Potest, + Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Interdicasterial Commission for the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 963, p. 251; Emphasis added].

* "Mary is also known as Stella Maris or 'Star of the Sea' while Isis was given a similar title of Pelagia meaning 'of the ocean'." [Aurilus, Ibid.; Emphasis added]

Again, see the identical meaning given to Mary in Catholicism:

"The Blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, the mother of God ... Here a word has to be added concerning the explanation stella maris, star of the sea. It is more popular than any other interpretation of the name Mary..." ["The Name of Mary", New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia,; Emphasis added]

* "Another title Mary shares with Isis is 'Queen of Heaven' (also a title of lshtar/lnanna) which for Isis reflects Her Goddess status as the ruler of all that is while for Mary it represents her assumption and coronation in Heaven as spouse of the Holy Spirit." [Aurilus, Ibid.; Emphasis added]

Now, listen to Catholicism:

"Prayer to Mary, Queen of Heaven -- Queen of heaven, rejoice. Alleluia. The Son whom you were privileged to bear, Alleluia, has risen as he said, Alleluia. Pray to God for us, Alleluia." ["Blessed Virgin Mary", Catholic Forum,; Emphasis added]

God's condemnation of the Queen of Heaven:

"The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger." [Jer 7:18]

"But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth, to burn incense unto the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, as we have done, we, and our fathers, our kings, and our princes, in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals, and were well, and saw no evil. 18 But since we left off to burn incense to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, we have wanted all things, and have been consumed by the sword and by the famine." [Jer 44:17-18]

"Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, saying; Ye and your wives have both spoken with your mouths, and fulfilled with your hand, saying, We will surely perform our vows that we have vowed, to burn incense to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her: ye will surely accomplish your vows, and surely perform your vows." [ Jer 44:25]

One of the major reasons God utterly destroyed Israel during the time of the Major Prophets was because they worshipped the "Queen of Heaven". Let us allow a Bible Dictionary to shed some more light on this Satanic "Queen of Heaven".

"QUEEN OF HEAVEN (Hebrew [melekheth ha-shamayim], although there is another reading, Hebrew [mele'kheth], "worship" or "goddess") ... Occurs only in two passages: Jer 7:18; Jer 44:17-19, 25, where the prophet denounces the wrath of God upon the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem who have given themselves up to the worship of the host of heaven ... But that the people of Judah in the days before the exile had given themselves over to the worst and vilest forms of heathen worship and incurred the grievous displeasure of Yahweh is made clear by the denunciation of the worship of the queen of heaven by Jeremiah.' International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Yes, just as this Bible Encyclopedia stated, the worship of the Queen of Heaven is tied in to the worship of the "host of heaven", most specifically, Sun Worship.

Now, let us return to the pagan site from which we have already quoted:

"Isis' Temples, called Iseums, were destroyed or else converted to Christianity as the new religion traveled the length and breadth of the Empire. The icons of Isis and Horus were renamed as the Madonna and Her child. lndeed, in many of the earliest carvings, it is impossible to tell which pair, they depict. The most familiar of all statues that have survived shows Isis holding Her son Horus to Her breast and it is this classic pose which is repeated in Christianity, but Isis and Horus are replaced by Mary and the infant Jesus. Indeed, in Orthodox and Catholic icons across the world, Mary is shown holding Jesus in Her arms, the universal sign of motherhood." [Aurilus, Ibid.]


There can be no doubt: the Virgin Mary of Roman Catholicism is not only the "Celestial Virgin With Sun God In Her Arms" as depicted in Manly P. Hall's Masonic classic book, above, but she is also a renamed "Isis". Let us now go to other sources to learn more about Isis, for such a study will have great implications for our understanding of the Catholic's Virgin Mary.

* "I am the Queen of the heavenly ones, of the Gods, and of the Goddesses, united in one form. I am She who was, who is, and will be; my form is one ... yet I am nameless in the deep ... Some call me Mother of the Gods ... others yet again Isis, veiled mother of Mystery." [Aleister Crowley, "The Equinox", as quoted in "Fallen Angel", p. 222]

* "Masonic author, R.H. MacKenzie, states: TRIANGLE -- The equilateral triangle was adopted by all ancient nations as a symbol of Deity, and was regarded as the most perfect of figures ... The right-angled triangle was also regarded as an important figure. Among the Egyptians, the base represented Osiris , or the Male Principle; the perpendicular, Isis, or the Female Principle; and the hypotenuse, Horus, their sun, the Product." ["Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 34]

* Listen to a Masonic author describe a hidden, inner meaning to the Masonic Compass and the Square: "The Hermaphroditic figure is the Symbol of the double nature anciently assigned to the Deity, as Generator and Producer, as BRAHM and MAYA among the Aryans, Osiris and Isis among the Egyptians. As the Sun was male so the Moon was female; and Isis was both sister and the wife of Osiris. The Compass, therefore, is the Hermetic Symbol of the Creative Deity and the Square, of the productive Earth or Universe." ["Albert Pike", as quoted by Dr. Cathy Burns, Ibid.]

* "Another name for Osiris is Saturn. Masonic author, J.S.M. Ward explains that Saturn is really Satan. A Dictionary of Symbols mentions that Saturn is 'related to the Ouroboros' ( the serpent which bites its own tail). Saturn's symbol is a scythe. The scythe is really symbolic of renewed hopes for rebirth and reincarnation. This is quite fitting since the symbolism of the broken column represents Isis and Osiris. Osiris has a "rebirth" due to spells performed by Isis. Isis was known as a powerful sorceress, the Great Enchantress, the Mistress of Magic, the Speaker of Spells." [Dr. Cathy Burns, Ibid.; Emphasis added]

Can this ancient power of Sorcery be ascribed to the Virgin Mary? Once you understand how Witchcraft works in forcing the demons to do the bidding of the Sorcerer, or Witch, you can see how the Virgin Mary is truly a renamed Isis in this regard. A Sorcerer knows that, if he performs the required ritual perfectly, saying the rote words perfectly, the demonic host must do his bidding! Similarly, in Catholicism, if a priest performs the required ritual perfectly -- the Mass -- saying the rote words perfectly, the Virgin Mary must do his bidding! She must intervene with "Jesus" as the Mass and/or the special prayer requires her to do, and she will always be successful, according to Catholic dogma.


Now, let us go on to the next revealing aspect of Isis:

"Not only is Isis a sorceress but she has always been seen as the guiding light of the profession of prostitution". [Burns, p. 315]

Once you understand how Satan has organized his rebellion against God [NEWS1050], you will understand that anyone given to the veneration of Isis will be inundated with the demonic host of Larz, the demon of physical lust; thus, their followers and their priests will be flooded with all sorts of physical sexual lusts. This demonic outpouring is the source of the infamous pagan rites of sexual orgies, partying and carousing and the like.

At this point, you must protest, the Virgin Mary has absolutely nothing to do with Prostitution! At first glance, you may be right. However, she is one of the most important figures in the Roman Catholic practice of religion. Unless you have been living on Mars these past three years, you will know right well the infamous scandal of sexual abuse -- primarily of young boys -- by Catholic priests. We have written a lot on this subject, and would like just to refer you to these articles:

* NEWS1614 -- "Roman Catholic Priests Abusing Children Constantly! The Evil Confessor - Yet, Roman Catholic theology states that a priest currently involved in Mortal Sins may still forgive sins! Truly, these are 'Doctrines That Demons Teach' "

* NEWS1646 -- "Why Do Child Sex Abuse Victims of Catholic Priests Remain Silent For Decades, Rather Than Immediately Reporting It To Their Parents? Once you understand how the child is supernaturally bound by a priest through Roman Catholic Doctrine, you will shockingly comprehend the monstrous threat to all children posed by the Catholic Priesthood.

* NEWS1656 -- "Pedophile Catholic Priest Confessed Directly To The Pope In 1973, But 'His Holiness' Took No Action. Later, Over 50 More Children Were Molested and Raped!"

* NEWS1670 -- "Proofs That The Sexual Sins of Roman Catholicism Have Existed Long Before The 40 Years Admitted To By Priests of Today - Part 1"

In this article, we quote a former priest, telling us how pervasive priestly sexual abuse of women has traditionally been. "Ex-priest Fresenborg then concludes: "I feel that it is not necessary for me to go further to convince any one of my readers that the lustfulness of the priestcraft is a menace to the chastity of womankind, for if this nun has told the truth, and which I know from past experiences is true, and which I also know is a recital that could be intensified ten thousand times over, if the whole truth could be told, but which cannot be told in this volume, as I have too much respect for my readers to recite what I have seen with my own eyes and what I have had repeated to me by broken-hearted "sisters" who have come to me with tears in their eyes and with sighs in their throats to tell me of their miseries." ["The Priest, The Woman, and The Confessional", Page 242]

Then, the 1904 book we used as the basis for this article addresses the issue of nuns being forced to be prostitutes for the priests: "I know of a nun who spent many years in a convent, who declared that on many occasions the priests would come to the convent and demand that a number of the nuns even do worse than expose their entire person; however, I cannot conceive of a demand that would be more degrading than this of forcing those benighted souls to prostitute their persons for the gratification of those who pretend to be the followers of a crucified Christ ... In relating her experience, I understand that a nun who had been confined in a convent for years made the following declaration: 'The superior of the seminary would often come and inform us nuns that an order had been received from the Pope to request those nuns who possessed the greatest devotion and faith to perform some particular deeds, which he would name in our presence, but which no moral or decent person could ever endure to speak of, and I cannot repeat what these demands often were, as I would repeat these demands often were, as I would have to resort to language so filthy that it would blush the cheek of one who was hardened in sin'." ["Thirty Years In Hell: From Darkness To Light", by ex-priest Bernard Fresenborg, 1904, North-American Book House, St. Louis, Missouri, Page 243]

This former priest, Fresenborg, lays the fault of this sexual hell directly at the feet of the institution of Forced Celibacy.

"... the bond of celibacy which binds them in an unnatural way, and the hellish doctrines taught by the Catholic Church that the priestcraft cannot sin, turns them into pirates ..."

"... if they do not submit to her teachings and demands, we can then realize why it is that the chastity of the home becomes a rendezvous for those of the priestcraft who deliberately ravish virtue to gratify their inhuman lust."

* NEWS1671 - "Proofs That The Sexual Sins of Roman Catholicism Have Existed Long Before The 40 Years Admitted To By Priests of Today - Part 2" - "This vow of celibacy is the greatest hoax invented by Romanism" ["I Was A Priest", Lucien Vinet, Protestant Information Bureau, Englewood, Colorado, 1949]

"... in the Middle Ages, tunnels were built between convents and monasteries to facilitate secret meetings of the parties concerned, but the modern priest's technique is no different from any other modern Romeo ... Sexual crimes of nuns, priests, bishops and popes are accepted facts that cannot be denied ... We cannot reveal all the acts of depravity of priests and monks. We mention a few of past centuries and a few of our modern times and we will see that the Roman Church is indeed, as she boasts to be, 'Semper eaden;, that is, 'always the same'." [Ibid.]

This former priest then went on to detail many of history's more infamous sexual abuse and liaison stories. This list includes numerous Popes, who had carried out sexual acts with nuns, women, and prostitutes. For example:

"His Holiness, Pope Sergius III, had an illegitimate son by the Roman prostitute Marozia." [Ibid., p. 26] This former priest then said: "In the lower clergy, the situation is no better."

"Forced celibacy, auricular confession and some aspects of the priest's training, render a Roman priest a sexually-abnormal person or a sex pervert." [Ibid., Page 29]

* NEWS1675 - ""Proofs That The Sexual Sins of Roman Catholicism Have Existed Long Before The 40 Years Admitted To By Priests of Today - Part 2 - "Going back to 1710, we find that predatory priests were preying upon women in the confessional, using all the techniques we have before described, including threatening the woman with torture and death at the hands of the Inquisition if she did not submit to his sexual lusts!"

* NEWS1679 -- "Celibacy In Catholicism Is Not The Issue: Forced Celibacy is the Issue! Major Understanding"

We use a very old book that came into our possession as the basis for this article: "Demonstration of the Necessity of Abolishing A Constrained CLERICAL CELIBACY, Exhibiting The Evils of That Institution and The Remedy", by the Right Rev. Diogo Antonio Feijo', Senator and Ex-Regent of the Empire of Brazil, Bishop Elect of Marianna, Translated from the Portuguese, with an Introduction and Appendix, by Rev. D.P. Kidder., A.M., published 1844, Philadelphia, Sorin and Ball. [Capitalization in the title was present in the original]

Rev. Fejo' originally published this book in 1828 in the Portuguese language as we see from the Dedication of this book, signed by him and noted, "Rio de Janeiro, July 9, 1828".

This article addresses the issue of how the rampant sexual activity on the part of the priests devastates the morals of the nation whose primary religion is Roman Catholicism. Listen and weep:

"Fifteen hundred years of EXPERIENCE prove the impracticability of a pure celibacy in the greater part of the clergy. Is there any one who will pretend that continence is practiced by the greater portion of the clergy? Let us grant the very least, that one hundredth part of the priests are incontinent." [Page 105; Emphasis was in the original]

It is a devastating indictment of the Romish system when only "one hundredth part": i.e., one percent, of the priests are not committing sexual sin! But, then, this Senator of Brazil turns his attention to the society at large.

"For this reason, it will be exceedingly difficult to find an incontinent priest who is not, in other respects, wicked. Here is also the reason why the greater share of impartial historians bestow so much praise on the Greek and Protestant clergy, when they compare their morality with that of Catholic priests in general ... Being certain that a forced celibacy is the origin and principal cause of the immorality of the clergy, it becomes us now to observe that this conduces in an especial manner toward immorality in society at large ... It is because their conduct is in contradiction with their opinions; their examples are not conformable to their precepts, and their words are destitute of unction and of life ... " [Page 58- 59]

Therefore, societies dominated by Roman Catholicism seem especially prone to sexual lust and sin.

How unworkable has the institution of Celibacy proven to be? Listen to Bishop Feijo:

"One truth out, not to be overlooked: it is that clerical orders have prevailed as an absolute impediment to matrimony, only while temporal power has sustained the measure by the sword ... Whenever sovereigns have left this matter at the option of the ecclesiastics, they have promptly changed their concubinage into lawful matrimony ... priests married with impunity in the greater share of dioceses, even with the permission of their respective bishops." [Ibid., Page 92-93]

"It is needless to cite more authorities to prove what the experience of the church for fifteen centuries has sufficiently demonstrated. Thus an imprudently established law, accustoming subjects to disobedience and contempt of authority, introduces licentiousness. But if the law requiring celibacy has this inconvenience in common with other impolitic laws, it has, besides, a direct tendency to demoralization.." [Page 57]

Thus, you can see that the sexual sins of the priests, which have been going on now for almost 1,700 years, demoralizes society and encourages its members to sexual licentiousness. Other authors have noted that Catholic countries have a much higher incidence of prostitution than societies dominated by Protestantism. Listen:

"At this point, the author, Justin Fulton, asks a very simple question: 'Is it not possible that this accounts for the prostitution in Roman Catholic circles? The commandments 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' and 'Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife' are trampled into the dust. When a church becomes a leper on the body of the community, it should be avoided. The Papal Church poisons all who come under her influence'." ["Why Priests Should Wed", by Justin D. Fulton, DD, 1926, p. 113]

To conclude this section on sexual licentiousness within the Catholic Church, we must go to the Book of Revelation. Protestant Bible scholars have long agreed that the seven churches in Revelation, Chapters 2 and 3, represent not only the 7 existing churches at the time of this writing, but also represents the seven church ages, with each age being dominated by the church of that period. Thus, the church at the End of the Age is the Church of Laodicea.

Of the seven churches, only one has a female leader prominent in the religion. This church is Thyatira, whose goddess figure was symbolically named, Jezebel. Scholars have long believed this must be the Roman Catholic Church, who dominated the ecclesiastical world scene for 1,000 years. Listen:

"Thyatria is referred to as the Church that tolerated Apostasy. This is typical of the perversion of the Holy Catholic Church by Romanism (Roman Catholic Church) representing a time period from the 6th Century ... had led them to the serious practices of Idol sacrifice and fornication and they followed her. This is the only place in Revelation where fornication is referred to as adultery. This woman had become like the spiritual wife of the church and had made her bed which many who had lied down on with her." ["Bible Study Chat Log", Study of Revelation,]

This point is also made in J. Dwight Pentecost, "Things To Come: A Study In Biblical Eschatology"]

Listen to God's condemnation of this Church where Jezebel dominated:

"And to the angel of the assembly (church) in Thyatira write ... But I have this against you: that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess [claiming to be inspired], and who is teaching and leading astray my servants and beguiling them into practicing sexual vice and eating food sacrificed to idols. [See also: I Kings 16:31; II Kings 9:22, 30.] I gave her time to repent, but she has no desire to repent of her immorality ... and refuses to do so. Take note: I will throw her on a bed of anguish, and those who commit adultery with her [her paramours] I will bring down to pressing distress and severe affliction..." [Revelation 2:21-22; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Note the words in this prophecy that relate to sex: "beguiling them into practicing sexual vice" -- "she has no desire to repent of her immorality" -- " those who commit adultery with her". These are the sins of the Roman Catholic Church, a church dominated by a Goddess named the Virgin Mary, but who is nothing more, nor less, than the ancient Egyptian Mysteries Goddess, Isis. The demonic host swept the followers of Isis with uncontrollable physical sexual lust, and they have done the same with the followers of the Virgin Mary!

Dr. Cathy Burns, Ibid.]


Our study of Osiris and Isis takes us back into Freemasonry. Listen to some pertinent revelations. Speaking of the twin pillars so important to Masonry, Boaz and Jachin, we learn of their true meaning.

"The two pillars ... represent two imaginary columns, supposed to be placed ... to support the heavens .. The one on the left is called Boaz, and indicates Osiris, or the sun, the one on the right is called Jachin and designates Isis, the symbol both of the earth and its productions, and of the moon. Another name for a four-sided pillar is the obelisk. Pillars have always been worshipped as gods. In Egypt, the obelisks stood for the sun god ... In fact, in [the Masonic book], 'Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues', we find that the lingam (the male sex organ) was an upright pillar ... the Sun was to be regarded as the male generative power of nature .. The Sun God was certainly the generator of life, light and heat, the male principle, and this was symbolically represented by the Phallus ... the most frequent illustration was of a pillar set up in the center of a circle."

Did you catch that last phrase? "The Sun God was certainly the generator of life, light and heat, the male principle, and this was symbolically represented by the Phallus ... the most frequent illustration was of a pillar set up in the center of a circle."

Now, let us review the reality that Satanists depicted the female and her sexual organ as a circle.

"The circle just as distinctively represented the earth or female principle. The Sun was the Great Father ... and the earth was the Universal Mother ... In 'Our Phallic Heritage', we are told that 'Pillars or columns originally had a phallic significance ... Pan, the goat god and god of sensuality, was often represented as an obelisk'." [Dr. Cathy Burns, op. cit., p. 340-1]

Now, let us carefully consider what we have just learned.

* The Sun God is the male shaft -- the phallus -- and is represented by an obelisk. Osiris is the Sun God

* The Universal Mother is the female, represented by the circle. Isis is this Mother figure.

* To represent the Great Sex Act between Osiris and Isis, you place the phallic obelisk within the middle of the circle! The result are the crops of the fields in Nature and the Divine Child in theology!

In Satanism, the result of this Great Sex Act between Osiris and Isis is the continual birth of the Divine Child, Horus! This picture, taken from Masonic books and reprinted in Dr. Burns' "Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star", p. 60, demonstrates this occult doctrine. Osiris and Isis have continual sex, producing the continual Divine Child, Horus. The symbol for this sex act is the phallic obelisk sitting in the middle of a circle.


Thus, you can see why Roman Catholicism has the phallic obelisk sitting in the middle of the circle -- otherwise known as the 8-Fold Path To Enlightenment -- in the midst of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, as the photograph, above, illustrates! In the mind of the Adepts of the Roman Catholic Mysteries, Osiris and Isis are permanently pictured as having sex in St. Peter's Basilica!

Since theology is the only matter in which the Vatican is interested, the Divine Child is symbolically represented as being born from the Great Sex Act by the Sun God and the Universal Mother. In Roman Catholic Mysteries, the roles of Osiris, Isis, and Horus, the Divine Child, as as follows:

* Osiris - Sun God - The Pope

* Isis - Universal Mother, Virgin Mother -- Virgin Mary

* Horus -- Divine Child -- "Jesus"



Were the Great Sex Act not depicted in St. Peter's Basilica, we would never have understood the direct and thorough link between the Ancient Sun God religion of Egypt and the Modern Sun God religion of Roman Catholicism. Now, we understand that the Roman Catholic use of the obelisk sitting in the middle of the circle known as the 8-Fold Path To Enlightenment has been placed there to signify to the world that the Ancient Egyptian sex rite between Osiris and Isis is being continually carried out within the rituals and activities of the Catholic Church!

The result is the continual birth of the Divine Child just as this pagan illustration demonstrates! Since the Roman Catholic Mass continually sacrifices "Jesus" on the Cross anew, it is logical he would have to be continually reborn!

At this point, you are probably shaking your head, not understanding what I just said. You have to try to project your thinking into the realm of Satanic Mysticism. You see, in every Mass, Jesus is mystically slain; in order to gain another mystic sacrifice, the Adepts of this Satanic system have to create a mystical way in which they can continually give birth to another "Jesus", so they can slay him in a future Mass!

This thinking is not our way of thinking, but it is the way Satanists think. In order to comprehend why a Celibate-driven mystic church has a Satanic symbol of the Great Sex Act sitting in St. Peter's Basilica, you have to understand how they think. In St. Peter's Basilica, you have the two elements required:

* Osiris - Sun God - The Pope - Symbolized by the obelisk

* Isis - Universal Mother, Virgin Mother -- Virgin Mary - Symbolized by the Circle, the "8-Fold Path of Enlightenment"

The symbolic sex between the Pontiff Sun God and the Universal Mother (Virgin Mary) through the obelisk sitting within the center of the circle mystically creates a continual supply of the "Divine Child" that priests can mystically slay in a future Mass.

Finally, this obelisk within the circle in St. Peter's Basilica was dedicated on the Satanic holiday, April 30, 1586 -- a day known to the Pagans either as Walpurgis Night or May Eve, the eve before Beltaine. ["The Magic of Obelisks", by Peter Tompkins, p. 26]

Thus, even the timing of erecting this Catholic symbol of the Great Sex Act was accomplished on a Satanic holiday!


Our understanding is now complete. We now know why the Pope continually carries the Satanic Twisted Cross Crucifix. We now understand why the Illuminati chose the Roman Pontiff to be the top religious leader of the coming global religion of Antichrist (NEWS1052), a position that makes him the Biblical False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18.

Today's one billion Catholic adherents proves that Satan has been far more successful in subverting God's blessed Gospel by setting up a religion which is counterfeit Christianity on the outside, but Satanic Sun God worship on the inside. But, that is exactly what the False Prophet prophecy says, isn't it?

Revelation 13:11:

Outside -- "Two horns like a lamb" - Looks like Christianity, claims to be Christianity, and is accepted as Christianity

Inside - "he spoke (roared) like a dragon." - Inner heart of Satan, of his Egyptian Sun God religion

As the world speeds toward the time Antichrist will set foot on this earth, claiming to be the foretold Messiah of all the world's religions, the Roman Pontiff is preparing to step forward at that time also, to entice the world's people to follow Antichrist and give him their worship. The Illuminati made this final decision in early 1991, so the stage is now set for the First and Second Beasts to arise to fulfill Revelation 6:1-2 and Revelation 13.